Growers!  Let FMP supply you with real time, actionable data in the form of aerial mapping for your crops.  FMP, using technology provided by, can provide you with various aerial map studies that will show you crop density, crop health and stress detection, irrigation and drainage, and more.

Below is a one dimensional map of a blueberry field created by stitching together over 70 individual photographs taken by one of our drones.  The Drone Deploy software creates an orthomosaic map that can be used to generate additional studies.

Below is a 2D version of the same map which shows crop density.

Additional studies include NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Studies) that can provide more detailed data on the health of your crops and soil.

Call FMP to discuss your particular needs and the solutions that we offer.

Initial Pricing:

$150 + $10.00 per acre (minimum of 5 acres)

A customized pricing package can be developed depending on client needs including additional follow up flights and study types.

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Note:  Operating a drone commercially requires a Part 107 certification from the FAA which consists of a written test at an FAA approved testing facility. This test requires a fair amount of aviation knowledge, especially when it comes to airspace requirements. It is illegal to operate a drone commercially without this Part 107 certification, and the drone pilot must have a Remote Pilot certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System rating.