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Let Flying Manatee Productions create 2D and 3D images of your ongoing construction projects.  Stay on schedule by using a bird’s eye view to show you areas of progress and areas of opportunities.  Direct your assets efficiently and monitor success with periodic aerial image analysis of your site.  FMP will map out and fly pre-planned routes to capture digital imagery.  We will stitch them together for a seamless mosaic of your site.  An initial flight will set the benchmark.  Subsequent flights will identify the trends of the workflow.  You use that information to direct your team’s efforts for a systematic and efficient operation.


First flight or one time flight
(up to ten acres)-  Includes pre-flight planning and mapping, flight time, digital image processing, and the mosaic map product:


Subsequent flights
(as many as needed for the duration of the project):

$250.00 each

Renovation Contractors!

Flying Manatee Productions can provide you with a bird’s eye view of your customer’s property!  Assess roof damage without risk and have them done faster than boots on the roof!  In 2017 Florida was hit with several storms that caused wide spread damage to roofs due to wind and water.  Flying Manatee Productions aided in the assessment of numerous roofs in the Central Florida area.  Check out our pricing and sample photos below.

Price per structure:          $75.00     (Standard single family home. Includes as many images as required for a comprehensive inspection in 20 megapixel resolution)  Each roof inspection will include aerial views of all four sides and all four corners of the structure, a top down view, numerous low altitude views of the entire roof, and closer views of any identified damage.  Travel rate of $.53 per mile over 100 miles. 


*At an average of 15 minutes per roof, we can complete numerous roof inspections in one day.

Sample Roof Inspection









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Note: Operating a drone commercially requires a Part 107 certification from the FAA which consists of a written test at an FAA approved testing facility. This test requires a fair amount of aviation knowledge, especially when it comes to airspace requirements. It is illegal to operate a drone commercially without this Part 107 certification, and the drone pilot must have a Remote Pilot certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System rating.