Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Realtors!  Enhance your real estate listings by adding an aerial view of that beautiful property you can’t wait to sell!  Flying Manatee can create for you a cinematic quality aerial experience that will showcase your listings and give prospective buyers a view only recently attainable by helicopter or airplane with an added advantage.  Because we operate our drones much lower than conventional aircraft, we can capture and highlight the intricate beauty of the property’s architecture, landscaping, pool area, courtyards, and more.

Commercial Real Estate

Large warehouses, factories, industrial areas, and agricultural properties can be a challenge to showcase with photos because of their size.  An aerial video of large areas or specialized assets can give a better perspective to potential buyers.

Video Pricing:

Residential Real Estate
1-2 hours of on-site time, a 2-3 minute video and 5 aerial stills:
Commercial Real Estate
1-3 hours on site time, up to 3 minute video, 10 still shots:

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Note:  Operating a drone commercially requires a Part 107 certification from the FAA which consists of a written test at an FAA approved testing facility. This test requires a fair amount of aviation knowledge, especially when it comes to airspace requirements. It is illegal to operate a drone commercially without this Part 107 certification, and the drone pilot must have a Remote Pilot certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System rating.